Order FAQ

How do I Purchase Online?

You can purchase items via our online PayPal shopping cart. During checkout, you can pay by credit card. You are not required to create a PayPal account, though you may choose to do so for future use. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and is one of the most secure ways to pay online. You can learn more about PayPal here.

How do I Purchase by Mail?

You can use our order form and pay by check. The order form is a PDF file, viewable with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is included on most computers, however you find download instructions here if your computer is unable to open PDF files. Instructions for calculating your shipping costs are on the form as well as the appropriate mailing address.

NOTE: All check payments must be made in US Dollars. 

How Do I calculate shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary by item weight and region. Costs are automatically applied when you purchase online and can be calculated using our order form when you purchase by mail.

Why Do I see TWO shipping options?

Each product description lists weight-based shipping costs and provides two purchase options: US & Canada or Overseas. The LBHA is headquartered in the US, so it is more expensive to ship overseas than to the US or Canada. When you’re ready to purchase, select the appropriate option for your location, and the correct price will be applied at checkout.

NOTE: Failure to select an appropriate shipping option will result in delays and could result in a cancelled order.

More questions?

Contact our Sales Administrator, Lowell Smith, for more help.