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The Little Big Horn Associates has collected a large number of research references. They are categorized according to the sections listed at the bottom of this page.  We would like to thank the many members, historians, writers, artists and webmasters who have contributed material online to further the knowledge of the life and times of George A. Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn.



We asked members for the best 25 books on General Custer and The Battle of Little Bighorn—they answered. In total, we received over 170 different titles were tabulated. With so many titles to choose from, we had no choice but to expand our list from 25 to 35 books, which are listed below.

Top 35 Books About Custer

  1. Custer in '76: Walter Camp's Notes on the Custer Fight 
    Kenneth M. Hammer; University of Oklahoma Press; New Edition, 1990

  2. Custer’s Luck
    Edgar Irving Stewart: University of Oklahoma Press, New Edition, 1980

  3. The Custer Myth
    William A. Graham; Stackpole Books; New Edition, 2000

  4. Cavalier in Buckskin: George Armstrong Custer and the Western Military Frontier 
    Robert M. Utley; University of Oklahoma Press; Revised Edition, 2001

  5. Centennial Campaign: The Sioux War of 1876
    John Stephens Gray; University of Oklahoma Press, 1988

  6. Custer's Last Campaign: Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn Reconstructed 
    John S. Gray; University of Nebraska Press, 1993

  7. Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle: The Little Big Horn Reexamined 
    Richard A. Fox; University of Oklahoma Press, 1997

  8. Lakota Noon: The Indian Narrative of Custer's Defeat 
    Gregory F. Michno; Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1997

  9. Touched by Fire: The Life, Death, and Mythic Afterlife of George Armstrong Custer 
    Louise Barnett; Bison Books, 2006

  10. The Custer Story: 
    The Life and Intimate Letters of General George A. Custer and His Wife Elizabeth
    Marguerite Merington; University of Nebraska Press, 1987

  11. Vanishing Victory: Custer's Final March (Battle of the Little Big Horn) 
    Bruce R. Liddic; Upton & Sons, 2004

  12. "Boots and Saddles" Or, Life in Dakota With General Custer 
    Elizabeth B. Custer; University of Oklahoma Press; New Edition, 1961

  13. Custer Victorious: The Civil War Battles of General George Armstrong Custer 
    Gregory J. W. Urwin; Book Sales; New Edition, 1996

  14. Following the Guidon 
    Elizabeth B. Custer; Digital Scanning, 2002

  15. Legend Into History and Did Custer Disobey Orders At The Battle Of The Little Big Horn? 
    Charles Kuhlman; Stackpole Books; Combined Edition, 1994

  16. My Life On The Plains
    George Armstrong Custer; Citadel, 1998

  17. The Arikara Narrative of Custer's Campaign and the Battle of the Little Bighorn
    Orin Grant Libby; University of Oklahoma Press, 1998

  18. The Custer Album: A Pictorial Biography of General George A. Custer
    Lawrence A. Frost; University of Oklahoma Press, 1990

  19. Indian Views Of The Custer Fight: A Source Book
    Richard G. Hardorff; University of Oklahoma Press, 2005

  20. Little Big Horn Diary
    James Willert; Upton Books; Updated Edition, 1997

  21. A Complete Life of General George A. Custer, Volume 2: From Appomattox to the Little Big HornFrederick Whittaker; University of Nebraska Press, 1993

  22. A Sad and Terrible Blunder: Generals Terry and Custer at the Little Big Horn-New Discoveries.Roger Darling; Potomac-Western Press, 1990

  23. Custer
    Jeffry D. Wert; Simon & Schuster; 1st Touchstone Edition, 1997 

  24. Custer’s Last Fight: The Battle of the Little Big Horn
    David C. Evans; Upton & Sons; 1st Edition, 1999

  25. General Custer's Libbie
    Lawrence A. Frost; Superior Publishing Company; 1st Edition, 1976 

  26. I Fought With Custer: The Story of Sergeant Windolph, Last Survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Charles Windolph; Bison Books, 1987

  27. Kick the Dead Lion: A Casebook Of The Custer Battle
    Charles du Bois; Upton & Sons, 1987 

  28. Lakota Recollections of the Custer Fight: New Sources of Indian-Military History
    Richard G. Hardorff; University of Nebraska Press, 1997 

  29. Portrait of a General, George Armstrong Custer and the Battle of Little Big Horn 
    W. Donald Horn; Don Horn Publications, 1998

  30. Sacrificial Lion: George Armstrong Custer
    Brice C. Custer; Upton & Sons, 1999 

  31. Son of the Morning Star
    Evan S. Connell; BBS Publishing Corporation, 1998 

  32. Tenting On The Plains: With General Custer from the Potomac to the Western Frontier. 
    Elizabeth B. Custer; Narrative Press, 2003 

  33. The Custer Reader
    Paul Andrew Hutton; University of Nebraska Press, 1992

  34. The Reno Court of Inquiry: Abstract of the Official Record of Proceedings
    William A. Graham; Stackpole Books, 1995

  35. To Hell With Honor: Custer and the Little Big Horn
    Larry Sklenar; University of Oklahoma Press, 2003

NOTE: Books 21-35 were in a tie; therefore, they are listed alphabetically. 

Additional Reading - Custer Horses

  • Comanche: The Horse That Survived The Custer Massacre 
    Anthony A. Amaral; Westernlore Press, 1961 

  • Comanche 
    Barron Brown; Amereon Ltd, 1999 

  • Custer's Horses 
    Gary Paul Johnson, James Fischer and Harold Geer; Wolfe Publishing Company, Date Unknown 

  • General Custer's Thoroughbreds 
    Lawrence A. Frost; J.M. Carroll & Company, 1986 

  • Horse Latitudes: Last Stand for the Wild Horse in the American West 
    Deanne Stillman; Houghton Mifflin, 2008 

Additional Reading - Plain Indians

  • The Cheyenne Indians: Their History and Ways of Life Vol 2 
    George Bird Grinnell, Elizabeth C. Grinnell, J. E. Tuell; University of Nebraska Press, 1972 

  • Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life 
    Kingsley M. Bray; University of Oklahoma Press, 2006 

  • Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas
    Mari Sandoz; University of Nebraska Press, 50th Anniversary Edition, 1992 

  • The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn: A Lakota History 
    Joseph M. Marshall III; Viking Adult, 2007 

  • Encyclopedia of Indian Wars: Western Battles and Skirmishes, 1850-1890
    Gregory F. Michno; Mountain Press Publishing Company, 2003 

  • The Fighting Cheyennes 
    George Bird Grinnell; University of Oklahoma Press, 1956 

  • Gall: Lakota War Chief
    Robert W. Larson; University of Oklahoma Press, 2007 

  • I Am Looking to the North for My Life--Sitting Bull, 1876-1881 
    Joseph Manzione; University of Utah Press, 1994 

  • To Kill an Eagle: Indian Views on the Last Days of Crazy Horse 
    Edward Kadlecek and Mabell Kadlecek; Johnson Books, 1981 

  • The Lance and The Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull 
    Robert M. Utley; Henry Holt and Company, Inc., 1993 

  • Lakota and Cheyenne: Indian Views of the Great Souix War, 1876-1877 
    Jerome A. Green; University of Oklahoma Press, 1994 

  • Lakota Society
    James R. Walker; University of Nebraska Press, 1982 

  • Little Bighorn Remembered: The Untold Indian Story of Custer's Last Stand
    Herman J. Viola; Times Books, 1999 

  • Sitting Bull: Champion of the Sioux 
    Stanley Vestal; University of Oklahoma Press, 1957 

  • Warpath: The True Story of the Fighting Sioux Told in a Biography of Chief White Bull 
    Stanley Vestal; University of Nebraska Press, 1984 

  • White-Man-Runs-Him: Crow Scout with Custer 
    Dennis W. Harcey & Brian R. Croone with Joe Medicine Crow; Evanston Publishing Inc., 1995